Human Relations Institute & Clinics psychological consultants along the human resources specialists are highly skilled in the administration and evaluation of a full range of psychometric tests straddling across the areas of aptitude, personality, occupational and recruitment. Different levels of assessments and profiling are performed along providing reports with relation to behavior, career planning and development, re-training, motivation, communication, interpersonal skills, and coping with other team members.


Human Relations Institute & Clinics is a key support provider of Employee Assistance Program (EAP) to a wide range of organizations throughout the corporate, industrial, government, and health sectors. Employee Assistance Program is designed to restore and strengthen the physical and mental health and productivity of employees and the organization-at-large. This resource is staffed by our internal and external professionals trained in the areas of psychology, social work, and organization development. Employee Assistance Program is a valuable resource to individual employees, their families, managers, supervisors, human resource professionals and group leaders.


Human Relations Institute & Clinics is one of the very rear leaders in the "environmental psychology" concept. Environmental Psychology is arguably best-known as environmental social sciences, architectural psychology, socio-architecture, ecological psychology, eco-psychology, behavioral geography, environment-behavior studies, person-environment studies, environmental sociology, social ecology, and environmental design research.

This multidisciplinary field draws on work in a number of disciplines including anthropology, geography, ekistics, sociology, psychology, history, political science, engineering, planning, architecture, urban design and, of course, aesthetics.

Human Relations Institute & Clinics is able to provide a detailed study about any particular environmental needs, theorized that density and crowding can have an adverse effect on mood and health.


Human Relations Institute & Clinics provides full support in assessing the leadership requirements of organizations, identifying future leadership requirements and developing leaders. Leadership development includes understanding the different attributes of effective leaders, strengthening their leadership skills and behavior to transform them into the workplace, providing motivation and inspiration to fill leadership roles.

Building an effecting team is another challenge for organizations in today's world. Human Relations Institute & Clinics uses different methods to help organizations building an effective team with ability to communicate through addressing problem solving, risk taking, trust, norms, decision making, conflict management, communication, performance, autonomy, staff empowerment, and cohesion between individuals.


Organizations spend thousands of dollars in understanding what motivates the consumer to purchase their products or services.

Human Relations Institute & Clinics helps those organizations to psychoanalyzing their markets, marketing strategy setup, developing a perceptual marketing positioning strategy, along other areas.

Human Relations Institute & Clinics also helps organizations' staff members to gain a deeper understanding of different strategies involving increasing sales, consumer behavior, deterring people from purchasing other products or services, and advertising. The psychology of marketing helps sales teams in terms of motivation, goal-setting, communication skills and ultimately in achieving the goals of the organization.


Productivity has a direct relationship to employee morale and well-being and with expertise in individual and group behavior. Today’s workplace is like a ship on stormy seas, workplace psychologists are the navigators who can bring the boat to safe shores - or guide it in an entirely new direction. Also companies might be able to set direction to the mechanical and business-related elements of development and change yet fail when it comes to managing the strategic human resources and dynamics involved.

So, in an era of domestic rightsizing, economic crises and global competition, Human Relations Institute & Clinics psychologists and strategic human resources consultants are increasingly called on to help companies devise new ways to cope and even thrive.


Human Relations Institute & Clinics offers a wide range of professional training topics in customized formats. These include varying course lengths and comprehensive seminars. We focus on professional development and workplace issues as well as personal development and wellness. In the field of human resource management, this field is concerned with organizational activity aimed at bettering the performance of individuals and groups in organizational setting.


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